Clinic By Choice is a portal that is designed to help and cater to the needs of the patients who are desperately in search of finding doctors, beauty & cosmetic surgery, physiotherapy, dentists, holistic, fertility and much more. For the patient is a very important person in the consumer section and should be allowed quick and accurate information relating to doctors and clinics in not just one city or state but in India. All that we want is whenever you or a loved one needs to get any sort of treatment you can avail the use of our website and access all vital information pertaining to the doctor and clinic so you can make the right choice. This is the reason all at are dedicated in providing you with accurate information. Our intension is to make it comfortable for you to be able to access all clinics in one place so you can evaluate what is best for you.

Services Offered to the Doctors is offering a medical portal to all the doctors, surgeons, dentists, fertility, physiotherapy, holistic, beauty and cosmetic surgeons of India a place where they can get their clinic or hospital registered so anyone across the globe can avail their services. will serve as a bridge between you and your patients. By registering your clinic or hospital on our website you can avail your services to patients and be able to information about the treatment via chatting or on a telephonic call as well. You can provide all types of vital information relating to the clinic and treatment you provide. Right from visiting timings to treatments offered, facilities and technologies available at the clinic and any special service if provided by your clinic. Apart from this you can also avail:

  • The track of patients who come to you via our website.
  • You can view the records of your patients.
  • Your patients can contact you via online.
  • You can view the past consultation you have made with the patient and is required you can view the past conversations the patient has had with other doctors as well.
  • You can get to view a complete track of your patient via graphs.
  • You can set e-mail dates in advance so they can be sent to patients as reminders for check-ups or important dates.
  • You can give appointments to your patients online.
  • All your data whether private or confidential is kept safe in our portals and shall never be shared with anyone.

Services Offered to Patients

It has always been said to stay away from white (doctors) and black (lawyers) coats, as all they do is take your money and leave you in the dumps. Well with the black coats we cannot do anything but over at we can make your experience with the white coats or doctors a better experience with a fruitful result. As a patient or for someone near to you, you can avail our website and avail access to the not only doctors but, dentists, fertility, holistic, beauty & cosmetic surgery and physiotherapists as well. Apart from getting accurate information about the doctor you can also avail services like:

  • Online and telephonic consultation with the doctor 24x7.
  • Get full information about the clinic and treatment required.
  • Be able to control your appointments and if required to change date you do not have to come to the clinic, you can change online.
  • Avail vital information like view numbers, view health summary charts, view your logins, check the appointments requested by you and view the bills paid or pending.
  • View the treatments available by any doctor registered on our site.
  • You can manage your personal health record in which you can provide vital information like when the condition began, symptoms you noted, past or current medication you take, any allergy you are suffering from and your family medical history.
  • You can avail the patient forms of the clinics online and do not have to go all over to the clinic just to fill the form.
  • You can ask for prescription refills online so you can get a printout and avail the medication.
  • Availability of paying bills online.
  • All communication done through the website is safe and secure.
  • The website is completely customized so there is no problem in viewing the website on either desktop or mobile.