Where is the best IVF clinic?

Posted on : 9-9-2017 17:22:16

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Sofat Infertility Centre

Posted on - 9-9-2017 17:28:35

The best IVF clinic in India is located in Ludhiana, Punjab, 9, College Road, near Rose Garden and it is none other than Sofat Infertility Centre/ Dr. Sofat Sumita Hospital. The sophisticated IVF Centre in India comprises of a wide stream of infertility treatments that are provided to couples at an affordable rate.

Dr. Sofat utilizes a personalized approach during the treatment cycle of every couple. A devised different protocol is followed depending on the couple’s infertility issue.

Advanced Infertility treatments Conducted at the centre Plus the Facilities


In Vitro Fertilization is the most successful infertility treatment, both in India and worldwide. The treatment involves the use of fertility drugs to bring about mature eggs in the ovaries. The eggs will be retrieved from the woman, joined with the sperms and then the embryo is screened with advanced techniques for any defects and abnormalities.

World-class Laboratory & Equipment

Sofat Infertility centre is a fully sophisticated infertility centre with modern equipment approved by FDA to be used in the modern fertility centres. Some of them include;

ICSI T & CO2 enclosure
Y Chromosomal microdeletion Real time PCR kit
Fertisafe plus (disinfectant)
Modern IVF equipment
Oxygen Controller To Retrofit CO2 Incubators
Heated plates for microscopes and stereomicroscopes among others

Fertility specialists

Dr. Sofat heads a team of infertility specialists, including embryologists. Dr. Sofat is internationally known for her innovative infertility ideas, techniques and research in the infertility field where she has dedicated her time and knowledge for more than 20 years.

Laser Assisted Hatching (LAH)

This is an advanced IVF procedure where a gap is created in the Zona of the embryo to increase its chances of implantation. To allow easy hatching, and depending on the quality of the embryo, a beam of a laser energy is directed toward the embryo for it to implant easily after it has been transferred to the uterus.

Donor Services

Our infertility specialist centre provides a wide range of donor services such as donor eggs, donor sperms, and donor embryos. Our donor solutions are performed as per regulations and patient’s requirement. Quality donor eggs, sperms and embryos free of genetic abnormalities and defects are donated to infertile couples.


Both gestational and the traditional surrogacy forms are conducted at our fertility centre. The surrogate is given the necessary monitoring and follow-up to prevent any complications from the beginning of the treatments until 3 months after delivery.

Embryo Freezing

The procedure is performed prior to embryo transfer or after the best embryo has been transferred to the woman’s womb. The left embryos will be frozen for future use and this also applies to donor eggs or sperms.

Cost Effective Services

All our treatments are provided at the best rate or considering the fact that infertility treatments are highly expensive to many infertile couples. As the IVF Cost in India ranges from Rs.60, 000 to lakhs, we provide schemes to reduce the cost as much as possible.

Other fertility practices at our centre include;

Blocked Fallopian Tubes treatment
PCOS Treatment
Azoospermia treatment
Infertility Work-out among others. Schedule an appointment with our infertility specialist to have a baby of your own.

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