Can anyone suggest the best and affordable hair transplant centre in Kapurthala?

Posted on : 6-15-2017 13:10:34

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NRI Hair Transplant Centre

Posted on - 6-15-2017 13:32:58

If you seeking for the best and affordable clinic that gives you hair transplant surgery in Kapurthala without any side effects you need to set your appointment with the NRI Hair Transplant Centre. We are located in Phagwara provides the surgery using the various advanced methods like FUE, Bio FUE, PRP, FUT and many others. The cost of the hair transpalnt surgery at our centre is too low. We offer the treatment at less than Rs 25 per graft with FUE method. You cna also compare our treatment prices with other clinics too get assure.

Our clinic staff is well educated and experienced that is lead by the India's best dermatologist Dr Mohan Singh who has over 37 years of the experience. To consult with him you can visit our website or call on clinic number +91-98880-45555.

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ASG Hair Transplant Centre

Posted on - 6-16-2017 15:20:24

In Kapurthala, from the ASG Hair Transplant Centre, you all can easily get the best results of their hair loss problem with hair transplant surgery at low prices. We are the best clinic in India that gives you reliable treatment with the help of advanced FUE technique. We also provide you the hair transplant surgery using other techniques in wich you're comfortable.  The price of hair transplant surgery at our centre is too low as compared to the other clinics. We charge the less than Rs 30 per graft with FUE method that is affordable for all. 

The team of the surgeons is highly experienced and well-qualified that gives you best results of hair transplant in India wihtout charging too much money from you. To consult with our clinic doctors you can visit our website or call on clinic number +91-7696907777.


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