How much hair can be restored by Body hair transplant?

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Dr VJs Hair Transplant Centre

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Body hair transplant in Visakhapatnam

The body hair transplant treatment is one of the best alternative sources for the hair follicles if there are not enough donor hairs over the scalp. In general cases, the donor hair are taken from the hairy portion of the scalp but if the hair portion amount is too less to fill the bald area then body hair transplant is used. With the help of body hair transplant, a complete baldness can be covered.

body hair transplant in India

The surgery allows the surgeon to extract the hair from beard, mustache, sideburns, chest, and back. We can say that about 1000 grafts can be taken from chest only and the left hair grafts can be extracted from the other body parts. An adult scalp contains approx 100,000 of hair follicles in total and with body hair transplant in India, the whole baldness can be easily covered.

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Metro Hair Transplant

Posted on - 6-19-2017 12:56:43

In Body Hair transplant the Hair is extracted from bread, back, chest, etc and a standard procedure placement includes 200 to 300 hair transplant in a single season. The procedure length varies 3 to 8 hours and it is painless and offers quick recovery. The donor's hairs are received from different parts of the body and transplanted into receipts site and the patients are capable of going home after the first day of recovery. The hair transplant drops in two weeks and after three months it offers complete growth for whole life. On an average, an adult human scalp contains 100,000 follicular units in total. In baldness, there is already 50% loss of follicular units in the bald looking area. On an average, the density of a nonbald scalp is 80-100 follicular units per square cm.  Body Hair Transplant is normally a FUE process. 

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