Is it possible to get receded hair back?

Posted on : 6-21-2017 13:18:10

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Dr VJs Hair Transplant Centre

Posted on - 6-21-2017 13:38:35

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It is not very easy to give the answer to this question. We can say that the re-growth of hair basically depends on the different variables like

  • The genetic pre-disposition such as male pattern baldness
  • The serious illness or any other medical related issue
  • The side effect of any drug or any medication
  • Extreme loss in weight
  • Issues related to diet and nutrition
  • Damage to scalp due to surgery, burns, and accident
  • Stress and depression
  • Pulling of hair

The second thing on which the receding hair depends on is how long these are receding?

As in some of the cases, the hair loss is temporary or it can be due to situations involved like illness, drugs, weight loss or nutritional challenges.

But as said, ‘never say never’

It is advised if you are want to get your hair back then need to consult with the best hair restoration surgeons. He will definitely help you in telling the correct solution for you after doing the proper examination of the hair receding areas.

In the case of permanent hair loss, hair transplant treatment in India will be the best option to choose.

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