What is Bio FUE Hair Transplant Surgery and cost of Bio FUE hair transplant in India?

Posted on : 6-14-2017 12:10:33

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Dr VJs Hair Transplant Centre

Posted on - 6-14-2017 12:57:37

Bio FUE hair transplant in India

Bio FUE hair transplant is the latest innovation in the field of hair transplant surgery. The surgery is the trademarked procedure of VJ Clinics which involves the procedure of combination of bio therapy and the FUE hair transplant surgery in order to offer the best possible results.

The instruments that are used in the FUE hair transplant surgery are specifically chosen on the basis of length and health of your hair follicles and hence leading to the further procedure. Our experts greatly respect the donor area and will not lead to any kind of complications like infection, thinning, and over-harvesting of hair follicles from the donor area. Therefore, the procedure is completely an advancement of FUE hair transplant.

Bio FUE hair transplant in Visakhapatnam

No matter what type of hair transplant you take, there will a price tag attached to it and in most of the medical centres, the cost is expensive. Most of the people think that bio FUE hair transplant surgery in India will burn a hole in their pocket but one thing that you need to remember is that the hair transplant surgery is only a one time exercise to be performed and you can get the lifetime results.

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ASG Hair Transplant Centre

Posted on - 6-15-2017 12:52:00

Bio FUE is the advanced technique of hair transplant. We can say that it is the extended form of FUE Hair transplant.  This technique has no restrictions and it is applicable for both men and women. Both can restore their hair in short time.  The FUE hair transplant technique is performed, after which regenerative cells from one’s own blood are directly injected or infused into the recipient area (bald). These regenerative cells, which are separated from your blood contain growth factors that bring about better results. With the BIO FUE regenerative cells, natural and permanent results are attained.

Bio FUE Hair Transplant in India is known as the advanced technique to produce excellent results but if you are thinking about this and you need to find out the best hair transplant Centre.  ASG Hair Transplant Center is the best option which provides you the permanent and natural hair.

BIO FUE is a sophisticated hair transplant procedure which is also a combination of two procedures. That means that BIO-FUE cost in India is determined by many underlying factors, some which include the number of hair grafts needed and the clinic you visit.

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Metro Hair Transplant

Posted on - 6-16-2017 17:52:23

Bio FUE Hair Transplant in India

A Bio-FUE hair transplant surgery is a highly productive hair transplant procedure when performed by an expert in a sophisticated clinic. The latest procedure involves the extraction of hair grafts from the donor area and carefully implanting them in the sized tiny incisions in the recipient region. After implanting the grafts, the already made substance from your blood is injected into the recipient region to strengthen, improve and deliver excellent results.

Usually, a Bio-FUE hair transplant in India is recommended for those with extensive hair loss, whether men or women. This specific hair restoration is based on a concept the dormant or dead hair cells can be effectively awakened or regenerated once the Bio-treatment is administered.

Traditionally, the treatment derived from the patient’s own blood was used to treat bone and joint pain or any other critical medical condition. This belief was carried on to the hair restoration field to improve the results of a hair transplant.

It is now commonly witnessed that Bio-FUE results are ideal for many patients with extreme hair loss. One needn’t worry after a hair transplant in India simply because this particular technique is highly productive and capable completely eliminating hair loss.

Due to the procedure’s efficacy, one has to expect Bio-FUE hair transplant to cost him around RS. 86,000 or above. The cost usually increases or decreases with the clinic, but for quality results, one must consider a prominent clinic before he or she settles down for it.

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