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Dr VJs Hair Transplant Centre

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Hair Transplant in India

A Hair Transplant For Those Affected By Baldness

Baldness and hair loss can attack anyone, regardless of the color, nationality, and age. There are countless causes of hair loss, some of which are due to genetics. The latest results of research show that many alopecia patients could have their Tregs damaged. The T cells are responsible for the hair growth cycle where they help hair to grow in case it falls out.

Patients with autoimmune diseases such as diabetes vasculitis, alopecia areata, and temporal arteritis are much likely to have damaged Tregs. Treatment is needed to correct the issue and prevent further inflammation.

What could be the cause of the high rate of hair loss?

Baldness Treatment in India

Hair loss is triggered by different factors in humans. In some, sleep deprivation, loss of nutrients, genes, smoking, poor hygiene, stress, and trauma could be the cause of hair loss. Today, more efforts are driven towards achieving productive methods of treating hair loss/ baldness.

A hair transplant is one of the major breakthroughs when it comes to restoring hair in alopecia patients.

What is a hair transplant?

A hair transplant is a surgical method, in which a surgeon collects hair, much resistant to hair loss from the donor side and implants into the small incisions made in the affected or the bald region (recipient). A hair transplant is performed by trained doctors mainly in the surgical field and technicians who help out the doctor in the theater. The hair is extracted individually or by slits which contain 3 to 9 grafts.

Who can get a hair transplant?

A hair transplant is fit for the following;

  • Men and women with visible hair fall
  • Persistent hair loss despite treatments
  • Loss of hair due to treatments like radiotherapy and chemotherapy
  • Anyone as the dermatologist may recommend

What should be done before a hair transplant?

Since hair transplant is a surgery, maximum awareness is required especially on the patient’s side. Though hair transplant procedures are common, many patients literally understand what is involved or required in a hair transplant. Check the following before you get a hair transplant;

  1. Your health

Health is important before you acquire hair transplant in India. Having suffered from any chronic disease, make an appointment with your doctor to discuss the matter

  1. Find a prominent surgeon and clinic

A good clinic and surgeon raise the chances of successful results. A surgeon is able to provide different hair loss treatments, examine the scalp, and ascertain the number of grafts needed for a hair transplant. Make a consultation

Available techniques for hair transplant

There are basically two techniques commonly known as FUT and FUE methods. They are both surgical treatments with the ability to offer paramount results to patients affected by male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness. Let’s get a full discussion of the techniques;

Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT

FUT hair transplant in India

It is also known as the strip method with the fact that hair is harvested from the donor area in the form of a strip. FUT is a traditional method where a surgeon uses a surgical blade to extract a strip of hair follicles along with their tissue from the donor area, normally on the sides or back of the scalp intended to be dissected and implanted into the recipient area to overcome baldness.

The FUT technique is a safer method when it comes to extraction of large amounts of hair follicles in a short time. The enhancement in this technique has provided patients with more natural looks and pleasant results

Follicular Unit Extraction

FUE hair transplant in India

This modern hair transplant technique requires a single surgeon or with other trained technicians to take advantage of the specialized needle-like instruments (micropunch) and extract hair follicles from the donor area which may also be the body and implant them in the recipient region.

FUE takes more time compared to FUT because hair grafts are individually extracted from the donor area and implanted individually.

Body hair transplant

It falls in the category of FUE since hair follicles are extracted using a micropunch. The technique supports FUE and FUT hair transplant in the case of a limited donor area. With BHT, hair is extracted from the chest, legs, beards, and mustache before it is implanted into the portion of the scalp.

In the same way, Body hair transplant is performed to implant hair in particular areas of the body, such as the eyebrows, mustache and sideburns.

Direct Hair transplant

Also in the form of FUE, it is where the surgeon extracts hair follicles from the donor area and directly implants them into the incisions made in the recipient region. It is minimally invasive and also produces natural results.

The Procedure of a hair transplant

Hair transplant procedure in India

A hair transplant procedure is complicated and requires great artistry, aesthetic skills, a magnifying eye, and a discerning mind. That is why an expert must be consulted before one gets the procedure performed. The procedure can be detailed in the following steps;

  1. Preparation & Anaesthesia

A hair transplant procedure is performed under general or local anaesthesia to prevent pain on the side of the patient. Before the procedure, the scalp is demarcated to differentiate the donor area from the recipient region 

  1. The Extraction Phase

During FUE, the surgeon uses a micropunch with a diameter depending on the patient’s type of hair to harvest hair grafts individually. During the FUT, a surgical blade is used to cut the strip and the wound is sutured at the end of the process.

Tiny incisions are then made in the bald region

  1. Implantation

The individual hair follicles are aesthetically implanted into the recipient area. The angle and the direction of the hair are observed to avoid unnatural results. Hair is implanted in a sequence from the front to the back creating a desired density

What to expect after a hair transplant procedure?

The surgical procedure offers little discomfort that lasts only 2 hours after the procedure. You will be discharged and can resume your work the following day, though care is needed to protect the wound and the implanted area.  

Following are some pictures of the results of surgery performed at VJ clinics

hair transplant in Visakhapatnam

hair transplant in Andhra Pradesh

The Cost of a hair transplant

India offers hair transplant in favorable packages. That means that you can get a hair transplant at a very cost effective rate regardless of the type of baldness as compared to other countries. This has made worries over the hair transplant cost in India to vanish from the patients’ heads. A hair transplant can be attained from RS.35, 000 to RS.90, 000.    

Advantages of a hair transplant

  • A hair transplant produces natural results and it is the only permanent hair loss solution where your own hair is used to stimulate hair growth in the bald area
  • Hair transplant practices are being modified or enhanced every now and then meaning that they are friendly and safe for all patients.
  • A hair transplant is a cosmetic surgery that will enhance your looks and give you a fuller head within one year and a half.
  • No need to worry about complications when an expert performs the surgery and once effective treatment is taken

Comparing hair transplant cost in popular Countries

The cost of a hair transplant is determined by mostly the number of hair follicles to be harvested, the kind of surgeon and the centre visited. Hair transplant cost basing on countries can be categorized as;


FUE Cost

FUT Cost



















Note: the above-mentioned hair transplant costs can change due to various reasons and it must be considered as the starting price for a hair transplant in the particular country     

Side-effects and Possible Complications of hair transplant procedures

Side-effects are taken to be normal after a hair transplant unless they don’t vanish within 3 weeks of a hair transplant. The side-effects with no effective treatment can lead to complications that may result in death in rare occurrences

  • Scarring

A linear scar is created in the FUT technique, but an artistic surgeon has many ways to reduce its visibility by aesthetically stitching the wound.

  • Bleeding

Bleeding occurs during the procedure and may persist for 1 or two days. Minor bleeding within 2 days is normal, but get further treatment when it persists and also increases

  • Pain

There will be less pain and pain management tablets are provided plus advice to prevent endangering the scalp during recovery

  • Infections

They rise once no effectual post-operative treatment is taken. Antibiotics are provided at the end of the procedure and must be taken as recommended  

  • Bruising and swelling

They happen to all patients after the procedure, but must vanish with time

  • Crust and Itching

They are normal and common during the recovery period. Use a simple hair shampoo and a conditioner as may be directed by the doctor. Take plenty of water to keep the scalp hydrated

  • Inflammation

Happens due to disturbed recovery period or poor treatment

  • Botched surgeries

Unauthorized hair transplant practitioners lead to these cases of unnatural results due to over extraction or implantation skills

How long do the hair transplant results last?

A hair transplant surgery can produce the best results to last for 7 years.

A hair transplant is a permanent way of restoring your hair. Once the hair is implanted, the cells are stimulated to promote hair growth. There are many other treats combined to produce more natural and attractive results depending on the level of hair loss. These include

  1. PRP Therapy

It is where blood is collected from a patient and Platelet Rich Plasma is drained out of it. The PRP is good at cell regeneration and one can expect more results after a hair transplant

  1. BIO-FUE hair transplant

It is the easiest way of overcoming hair loss since a serum drained from your blood is directly injected into the implanted region to strengthen, repair the cells, and increase hair growth. It is one of the easiest ways of attaining natural results

  1. Finasteride

It is mostly recommended for male pattern baldness before or even used after a hair transplant to prevent further hair loss.

  1. Minoxidil

It is for female pattern baldness and can still be used after a hair transplant as recommended by the doctor

  1. Diet and change in behaviors

Eat a balanced meal to get the required nutrients for cell development. Salmons, leafy vegetables, fruits, onions, supplements can protect you from hair loss after a hair transplant. Quit smoking and overconsumption of alcohol to protect the hair

The mystery of early hair loss and baldness

40% of youths are affected by hair loss resulting from many factors. Hair loss occurs differently and its speed also varies widely. Any human suffers from hair loss though to some it is visible while to others it occurs in disguise. Taking prevention measures such as getting enough sleep normally 7 hours, using vitamin filled hair products, herbal hair products, and consumption of enough nutrients can slow down the rate of hair loss. At the end, its impact on the individual is minimal.    

Visit a dermatologist in a renowned clinic once affected by hair loss to reduce its rate before it worsens.

In order to get more information, you can watch this video


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Profile Hair Transplant Centre

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Treating hair loss with hair transplant and T. Cells

Hair loss is a worldwide problem affecting 70% of men and women. Hair loss is common due to a number of reasons such as deprived sleep, genetic disorders, poor diet, poor styling and destroyed Tregs. Tregs are responsible for restoring our hair once it has fallen out. Cases where the scalp goes bare, it means that the Tregs are damaged or destroyed and the condition needs to be corrected.

A majority of men lose hair from the front to the back side of the scalp and this kind of hair loss is normally divided into categories for easy differentiation when it comes to transplanting hair from one side to another. Treatments like Finasteride and Minoxidil used by patients to overcome baldness. The treatment can also be taken after hair transplant to prevent further hair loss.

The permanent solution to hair loss is hair transplant, a surgical technique where hair is transferred from one area to another on the scalp. Hair transplant in India is performed by a trained surgeon who selects the strongest hair follicles resistant to hair fall. An artistic surgeon fully prepares the patient before a hair transplant and a serum from the patient’s blood is made to get more results.

You can check the results of hair transplant surgery performed at Profile hair transplant centre:

Scientists are now dedicated to devising alopecia treatment with the help of T Cells. They are responsible for the prevention of autoimmune diseases and they are highly expected to help in restoring the hair development cycle. Doctors report that T cells are is a potential cure for baldness and hair loss 

Cost of Hair Transplant Surgery In India

Hair transplant cost generally depends on the following factors

  • The present condition of balding or hair thinning

This actually means the estimating the seriousness of the hair loss situation. If the problem is correctly diagnosed then the surgeon will tell you the right cost.

  • The size or number of hair grafts required in the surgery

The number of grafts needs to cover your bald area greatly matters a lot in analyzing the cost of hair transplant.

  • The density desire

Also, your desire for hair transplant decides the cost of the surgery in India.

But however, at our centre, you can get the treatment at very pocket-friendly prices i.e. 30-40rs. per graft.

In order to get more details about our centre, you can go through this video

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Satyam Hair Transplant Centre Ludhiana

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We all understand that hair is a beautiful natural feature that God gave us to complete our appearance. Hair can be found everywhere on a man’s body while there are few of such cases in women. If hair is to grow on a woman’s body, it is minimal and it is removed by today’s cosmetic procedures.

Scalp hair remains as the most important hair on everyone’s body, regardless of color, gender, and class. Today scalp hair is distorted by many things causing it to fall out unexpectedly causing psychological trauma in men and women. There are various means to help reduce hair fall or perhaps stop it, but they are outmatched by hair transplant procedures.

Talking about a hair transplant

Any hair transplantation technique that involves the use of specialized instruments to extract hair from one place to another is a surgery. Surgeries meant to correct deformities and undesired occurrences, meaning that a hair transplant will restore your natural hair.

To have a hair transplant in India, one will have to expect the following techniques, i.e. FUT technique or FUE technique that also facilitates body hair transplant.

FUE hair transplant technique

FUE hair transplant is a wonder making technique that provides abundant results in a patient. It is a less invasive and modern technique where a surgeon extracts grafts from the donor area and implants them into the tiny incisions made in the recipient area. The procedure requires no sutures or having to nurse large wounds

What happens during the procedure?

The procedure isn’t that technical, though requires great artistry and aesthetic skills to construct a natural hairline and above all produce natural results. There are possibilities for the procedure to be accomplished in a day, but will depend on the number of grafts needed.

  • The surgeon will demarcate the scalp to separate the damaged areas from the fine area
  • He will administer local anesthesia so that you feel no pain
  • With the help of a micropunch, he will extract hair follicles (individually) from the back of the scalp, chest, beards or the legs.
  • The surgeon will then implant the grafts in the small incisions made in the recipient area.
  • The procedure can be conducted in two sittings or one

The advantages of FUE hair transplant?

FUE is the best hair transplant in India that many patients prefer in eradicating hair loss completely. The technique offers the following benefits;

  • It produces more natural results that the FUT method
  • You do not have to nurse wounds and care for sutures after the procedure
  • There is no linear scar to get worried of
  • One can get more hair for implantation from the chest, beards, arms, and the legs.

The disadvantages

  • One major disadvantage of FUE technique is over extraction of hair follicles that led to wastage.
  • It is quite costly in terms of time and money

The hair grafts need to be properly preserved otherwise they could die without executing the intended purpose

Here is one of our results with FUE method

Cost of Hair Transplant Surgery

Now lets discuss about the the cost of the surgery that most imporatant thing. As you know hair transplant surgery comes with high cost but in India you can get the surgery at low costs as comparing to the other countries. The average cost of the hair transpalnt surgery with FUE method is Rs 30 to Rs 70 per graft that is too low and affordable for all. In USA that cost of hair transplant surgery with FUE method is $3 to $8 per graft, in Canada in $3 to $7, in Europe is £ 2 to £5 per graft and in Australia is $3 to $5 per graft. From these comparios you can easily know why India is the best place to get the surgery.

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NRI Hair Transplant Centre

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Hair transplant in India

Are you planning a hair transplant? You better have an idea

Baldness or what is popularly known as hair loss is not a new issue just that the rate and the victims are exceeding than as expected. Baldness was normal for a 65-year-old and those above and there would be no much concentration on it. Today hair loss attacks men and women from late teens, early twenties and onwards. This is alarming since hair loss is associated with psychological issues that may ruin one’s life.

The modern way of overcoming hair loss and baldness is a hair transplant, but its steps must be followed systematically in order to avoid complications. For anyone planning to have a hair transplant in Punjab, please follow this;

  1. Your age and health

No matter how hair loss or baldness affects you, wait until you are 23 and above get a hair transplant. There is the maturity period, where the type of hair loss is easily identified and the surgeon can devise the best ways to deal with hair loss. It is better that you see your doctor in the case of any chronic disease to avoid complications.

  1. How much do you know the surgeon?

Bandwagon decisions are dangerous, so don’t make a plan to have a hair transplant just because your friend did do. Consult a good technician or a surgeon. There are also chances that your hair loss may be cured through non-surgical treatments

  1. The technique

Both FUE and FUT are hair transplant techniques where instruments are used to extract hair from the bald region and implant it into the affected region. A hair transplant requires effectual post-operative treatment  

Cost of Hair Transplant Surgery

The cost of hair transplant will strongly depend on the amount of hair that you want to move from donor area to recipient area. But normally it varies from 25-30rs per graft.

If you want to get knowledge regarding the best hair transplant centre then you can watch the following video.


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ASG Hair Transplant Centre

Posted on - 6-10-2017 13:19:44

Hair is a beautiful natural feature which improve our personality and also the beautiful hair improve our confidence. But the Hair loss which is incresing day by day affected out personality. Hair loss is a common problem among the new generation. More than 70% people are suffering with this. If the hair lost per day more than the Average (100-150) than it is medicaly considered as a problem of hair Loss. The main causes of the Hair loss are poor diet, uses of different hair products, hair style, and internal diseases. The permanent soultion for Hair loss is Hair transplant. India is a hub of hair transplant centres and now the Hair transplant in India is easy and chepeast. The Well-qualified team of surgeons using FUT hair transplant and FUE Hair transplant  techniques capable to provide desired results. 

Hair transplant is an effective remedy to hair fall or baldness. It is a type of surgery that moves hair you already have to fill an area with thin or no hair. If you are going bald, then before switching to hair transplantation, it’s obvious that you will think about your budget. To set your budget, you first of all, have to do some research on the factors which are directly related to the cost of hair transplant in India. Some of these factors are: Procedure of the surgery, Situation of the clinic, Popularity of the surgeon, The speed of hair falling.


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Natural Hair Transplant Ludhiana

Posted on - 10-27-2017 17:23:59

Good Health, Good Looks, Good Style are the three things, which is given utmost care by Men of all Ages. We start paying attention to all these only when some or any of these things fail. Amongst these is the Hair style, that which adds value to the looks. Baldness or Hair loss due to some reason or the other impacts our looks and we seriously look forward to alter them.

The treatment of Hair loss or baldness would be - Hair Implantation, or Hair restoration, which is a permanent cure for hair through transplantation of follicles from healthy patches to the areas of your hair, where hair is wading away. Healthy follicles are removed individually from the back or sides of the head. The count of grafts depends on the area being treated. For a usual surgery, the grafts will be in the range of one to three thousand.

Now we shall take a look at the procedure for Hair Transplants in India. It is a surgical process of removal of hair from the donor site and placing them on the hairless site.

Procedure or Steps for Hair Transplant:

There are two types of Hair transplant surgeries, like FUT/Strip Harvesting and FUE / Follicular Unit Extraction.

FUT / Strip Harvesting:-

 In this method of transplant, the skin strips from the donor site with considerably good hair growth is removed and the follicular units are cut-off to create grafts for the hair transplant. In this method, it leaves a slim scar at the donor site.

FUE / Follicular Extraction:-

In this method of transplant, hair clusters with their roots are manually removed and planted at the hairless site. This might be a bit time consuming process, but by this method of transplant we can avoid any scars at the donor site.
FUE can be done in a single or several sittings and at the same time, we would also say that this method is the most Natural way of treating which leaves no scars in your head. The degree of invasion in FUE is less compared to FUT. Fur method of hair transplant is a most preferred one because, the area to receive the transplantation is anesthetized and the transplanted follicular units are placed in a triangular manner , thereby creating a natural look and stimulates effective  growth of hairs.

Here are the steps:

A micro-needle is used for the implantation of the follicular units into the scalp after which natural hair will be regrown.

  1. A local Anesthesia is given as a first step.
  2. Incisions are made in the balding area and the Follicular unit grafts are placed in the tiny incisions in irregular pattern of recipient area.
  3. The Grafts are placed according to their densities.
  4. Immediately after the surgery, the patient can see visibly hairs on the recipient area.

No scars are created and the redness on the scalp will vanish within a week’s time. Mostly patients are allowed to shampoo after two or three days, and the patient is given antibiotics for a few days after the surgery.

The patient can go home on the same day on completion of the Hair transplant surgery.

 The transplanted hair grows up like natural hairs and will continue to do for a lifetime.

Costs of Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant costs, is of course one of the crucial factor, before going in for surgery. This method of treatment can be looked at as an investment, because this is going to be one time procedure to alter looks and at the same time natural hair growth is going at happen as a permanent solution to Baldness. Hair transplant in Ludhiana is the most happening thing today in India.

Hair transplantation has become more affordable with time to time without compromising on quality. The costs in India are, ranging from Rs.40000/- onwards and depending on the number of grafts. In an average 2000 to 2500 grafts are placed.  


Like all other surgeries, Hair transplant also has got its own risks and safety factors, Infections, Bleeding, inflammation. Antibiotics and compresses can relieve the problem. Talking to Doctor on all aspects of surgery and choosing the right place and surgeon, who is experienced in dealing with all these, make the Hair Transplant a success story of permanent solution for Baldness.

Hence we can sum up by saying that hair transplants are an Investment made, rather to look at it as expenditure. Here the Patient only Gains and there is no loss of money or hairs.

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First choice Hair Transplant centre

Posted on - 2-1-2018 15:47:12

Hair transplant in Ludhiana have come up in a big way in the recent past. This is because of the rising demand of hair transplantation. At the same time, there has been an increase in the number of hair transplantation clinics over a period of years. Ludhiana being gradually coming up in the map of India, as a major hair transplantation centre, we hereby share certain important details about the process of hair transplantation in Ludhiana.


Cost is a major area on which every patient needs to concentrate, once they have decided to go for hair transplantation services. An important observation from the renowned trichologists claim that cost of hair transplantation cannot be suddenly approximated. This is because cost of hair transplantation varies with various aspects. In fact, the cost varies from patient to patient. Below we have listed down certain important aspects related to the hair transplantation of patients that regulate the amount of costs in general:

  1. Cost varies from patient to patient, as there remain various issues to be addressed. Some patients might have some chronic diseases, while others may not have so. For patients requiring special care services and additional medication, cost of hair transplantation increase on the whole
  2. Technology deployed – This is one of the major factors that affect cost of hair transplantation process. It is important to know whether you need to go for follicular hair transplantation process or follicular unit extraction process on the whole. Some patients may even go for PRP (Plasma Replacement therapies) in order to transplant hair on the recipient area of the scalp. An important observation is that, each technology implementation carries a necessary cost which differs from the other. Therefore estimation of cost is almost impossible without knowing which particular technology remains to be a choice for the patient.
  3. Cost of hair transplantation varies based on the number of hair grafts to be replaced. This again depends on the area of the donor site as well as intensity of baldness. The area of transplantation determines the cost of graft replacement and normally the cost remains to be Rs 40/- per graft. Based on the total donor area, the overall cost is estimated to vary between Rs 75000 to Rs 1 Lac.

In addition to the above, it is important to note that, cost of hair transplantation varies from one clinic to the other. Overall cost depends on how renowned the clinic is and how an infrastructure it floats. Cost sometimes also varies based on the expertise and qualification of the surgeons who carry out the process of hair transplantation.


Ludhiana is an ancient city which has a rich history and culture of its own. Due to extreme weather conditions, especially during the winter season, Ludhiana happens to be one big producer of woolen garments across India. Demand for hair transplantation has changed Ludhiana to a large extent in the recent years. Rising hairfall amongst people due to extreme weather conditions have come up as a challenge. Majority of hair transplantation clinics have established their centres in Ludhiana.

Some details about hair transplantation in Ludhiana

As per recent studies conducted in the market of Ludhiana, it has been observed that, people usually from the age group of 30 – 40 years come for hair transplant. This is recorded to be the most vulnerable age when maximum fall of hair is noticed in males as well as females. Doctors in Ludhiana suggest that, you need to take an immediate consultation in case you notice an aggressive hair fall during the said age bracket.

FCHTC Clinic in Ludhiana

Ludhiana has a professional atmosphere and clinics offers state of the art services for patients related to hair transplantation. Most of them have excellent infrastructure and qualified hair transplant surgeons. Some of the clinics based out of Ludhiana offer free consultation for patients and therefore, this offers a significant advantage for the patients. Clinics at Ludhiana are conveniently located, and remain to be well connected. You can surf the internet in order to get further details about hair transplantation services in Ludhiana.  

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