Is there a higher risk of birth defects with a child born from IVF?

Posted on : 9-8-2017 18:52:59

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Sofat Infertility Centre

Posted on - 9-8-2017 18:58:06

A million babies have been conceived through Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) and comparing the different techniques of ART, IVF has the highest number of successful pregnancies and live births.

Studies about the IVF babies aren’t sufficient enough to make a clear or definite answer about the higher risk of birth defects with children born through IVF, but the truth is that there are chances of birth defects and health issues according to experts. 

Congenital birth defects, low birth weight, premature births, different types of cancers, Leukemia, and developmental issues, and Hodgkin’s lymphoma are some of the issues and defects associated with babies born out of assisted technology.

According to Melissa Bondy, an oncology researcher at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston says that the preliminary findings of IVF deliveries aren’t strong enough to withdraw couples or individuals from proceeding with IVF or any other assisted reproductive method

In Vitro Fertilization is a major key or solution to male and female infertility that many couples face today. The procedure is done in an IVF centre where the eggs from the woman are retrieved after ovarian stimulation and are combined with the partner’s sperms to form an embryo. The embryo must be thoroughly screened by an embryologist in order to rule out any chances of genetic defects or abnormalities as one way of reducing the risks and complications in babies born from IVF

The advanced techniques and protocols of lowering the risks of birth defects are only found in advanced IVF centres. Sofat Infertility, an IVF Centre in India is one of the advanced IVF centres where excellent protocols are followed to reduce the pregnancy complications and birth defects in babies.    

Apparently, many couples have successfully conceived and born children through IVF with no complications and defects.

The experts reveal that the over manipulation of sperms in the IVF centres to increase the chances of fertilization may be one of the reasons for the birth defects. Also, the experts reveal that the multiple pregnancies associated with the IVF procedure may increase the risk of birth defects and complications.

In the IVF procedure, more embryos are transferred to the uterus to increase the chances of conception and this has triggered multiple health issues for the babies as well as the mothers.

As of now, fertility experts have developed sophisticated methods to identify the most robust embryos for transfer and also will monitor the woman to target the most fertile days to mimic natural conception, but this will double the IVF Cost in India and around the world due to the expertise rate.

Women who attain IVF treatment at a later age (38 and onwards) are thought to have babies with genetic defects or illnesses and abnormalities than those who obtain treatment at a tender age.

Also, from the studies, many IVF babies are very normal with no abnormalities or defects and this is seen as an encouragement for the childless couples.

However much the defects, risk, and abnormalities are present to a certain extent, experts believe that they aren’t vivid or powerful enough to prevent couples from attaining treatment since it is the only hope for parenthood in those who can’t conceive naturally.

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