Should I go for IVF or Not? Please Help

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We all come to the edge of something, but there is always a possible solution amidst the many waves that may rave in or around you. Asking for help from an experienced person will automatically enlighten you about what to do about the underlying issue.

By the time you are asking this kind of question I suppose you are infertile or in simple terms, you have failed to conceive within a year or more. Accessing IVF has its own pros and cons, but it requires realistic expectations and you have to be determined to pursue the procedure correctly from the beginning to the end. Specifically, IVF treatment provides an opportunity for a couple to have a child or children, but you must first understand it.

You may meet more impossibilities and challenges in case you embark on IVF treatment as a sole individual, but it would be best if you have agreed to undergo the procedure with your spouse. This will reduce the burden and stress that may be faced along the way. Let’s try to discuss IVF before you make a final decision.

What is IVF?

In Vitro Fertilization is a high-tech fertility treatment provided in a modern IVF centre in India. The procedure involves a range of protocols conducted by fertility experts with the help of advanced equipment and instruments.

As a woman, your eggs will have to be retrieved from your ovaries and the sperms from your husband and they will be combined in a laboratory. An embryologist will effectively examine the different embryos, screen them for any genetic abnormalities or defects and the best embryo will be transferred to your womb for implantation.

Some embryos fail and another IVF treatment cycle will be conducted.

The procedure of IVF

Fertility drugs will first be provided to boost egg development in the ovaries and to obtain many mature eggs to increase the success rate of the procedure. These fertility drugs include Clomid (Clomifene), commonly provided in case of PCOS or any infertility issue. A predictor kit will have to be used. Another drug is Gonadotropin administered through an injection and you will have to be monitored by the gyne

Once the eggs are ready, they will be retrieved through a laparoscopic procedure under local anesthesia. You may experience slight discomfort and cramping.

Your husband will provide his sperms through masturbation and they are washed in case no donor sperms are required.

The eggs and the sperms will be joined for fertilization and then transferred to the woman’s uterus using a catheter.

When is IVF used?

You can go in for IVF treatment in case you are faced with;
Unexplained infertility
Heading to menopause
Blocked or damaged Fallopian tubes
Endometriosis, polyps, and previous Infection
Cervical complications like mucus
Pelvic adhesions
Male infertility (low sperm count, poor quality, and motility)

The Cost of IVF

IVF is completely expensive, and you may require insurance or loans to trim the heavy weight of the IVF cost in India. In the real sense, IVF treatments are more cost effective in India, than in many other advanced countries like UAE, USA, UK, and Canada.

Side effects of IVF treatments

Ovarian Hyper-Stimulation Syndrome (OHSS)
Multiple pregnancy
Possible ectopic pregnancy
Societal issues

I hope you will be helped with this IVF overview, but to increase your success chances, try to attain treatment from an advanced IVF centre.


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