Which are the best affordable IVF packages in Delhi, India?

Posted on : 9-9-2017 17:21:46

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Sofat Infertility Centre

Posted on - 9-9-2017 17:32:23

Generally, not all infertility centres provide IVF packages due to the fact that In Vitro Fertilization treatment is expensive in reality. Advanced IVF centres like Sofat Infertility Centre in India provides some of the best affordable IVF packages than any other infertility clinic.

The highly sophisticated IVF Centre in India specializes in world-class IVF practices to increase the IVF success rate per treatment cycle as a way of reducing the IVF expenses.

On the other hand, the fertility expert ‘Sofat Sumita’ at the leading infertility centre in India advises couples seeking IVF treatments not to fall for some IVF packages in some infertility centres.

There are various deceptive infertility adverts that only aim at attracting desperate infertile couples into joining the infertility clinic for treatment. IVF protocols are generally technical and require time, high considerations and evaluations and above all time.

Each infertility centre parades its own IVF packages, but patients should consider the following;

The reputation of the IVF centre
The fertility specialist at the IVF centre
The number of live babies born in the fertility centre
The past records
Couples must also do research on their own

IVF packages and Various Treatments

It could be deceptive to give direct IVF cost or definite package cost as patient’s treatments may differ depending on the cause of infertility and the protocols that are required to be done. IVF alone is enormously expensive in any IVF procedure as compared to other infertility treatments. Let’s have an estimation of the cost of treatments;


Intrauterine Insemination (artificial insemination) is quite a simple and less expensive procedure anywhere in the world. The treatment may involve or may not involve infertility drugs to boost egg development in the ovaries. The cost is estimated to be (Rs.9, 000 to Rs,15, 000).


Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is where only a single sperm will be injected into the egg and the embryo will be transferred back to the woman’s uterus. It is estimated to begin from $35,000. It requires great expertise to increase success rates with only one treatment cycle.


In Vitro Fertilization is a complex procedure where eggs must be retrieved and joined with the sperms in a laboratory and the embryo will be taken back to the woman’s uterus. The IVF Cost in India is estimated to begin from $50,000.

Packages for IVF

Seasonal discounts
Reduced prices in case of failed multiple IVF procedures
Reduced prices on fertility drugs
Free monitoring and Follow-up

The chapter of IVF & Insurance Companies.

Unlike other countries such as Scotland that now provide free IVF treatment cycles to some couples, India still battles with the systematic protocols to reduce the IVF/Infertility treatments. Insurance companies in USA, Britain, and Turkey, now cover IVF treatments, but the trend is just in negotiation or started just this year as an encouragement to reduce the immense IVF cost burden.

Also, experimental treatments are never covered under health insurance, which reduces any chance of facing the extra cost burden. Bharatiya Mahila Bank (BMB) has partnered with General Insurance major, New India Assurance to cover fertility treatment costs for its customers.

Also, some infertility centres are trying to join with different insurance companies to cover part of their patient’s IVF costs.

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