Can the Penis Size be Permanently Increased?

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Male Genital Surgery in India

The lifestyle changes have a great impact over the size and growth of the penis. If you are obsessing about your size of the penis then by following these 10 easy steps you can work on the enhancement of the penis size:

  • Exercise Regularly

In order to have a healthy, long penis, you need to exercise regularly so that your arteries can be cleared on the regular basis.

  • Avoid High Calorie Diet

The consumption of the high calories foods can lead to heart diseases and smaller size of the penis. Also, lacking the exercises will increase your cholesterol level and low blood flow.

  • Vegetables and Fruits

If you will consume vegetables and fruits that are rich in antioxidants then these will fight against the free radicals present in the arteries.

  • Lose Belly Fat

The large belly will lower the appearance of the belly as if you are having the large penis, it will appear smaller in size with a large belly.

  • Reduce Stress

The negative emotions greatly draw the blood away from the penis. So, always try to reduce your anxiety and stress.

  • Meditate

Relaxing, meditating and yoga leads to the better lifestyle and hence will increase the blood flow.

  • Warm Up

The cold temperature can shrink the size of the penis, therefore, you can warm your body with warm shower to increase the blood flow.

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  • Jelqing

Increase the pressure in the penis will increase the blood flow. The repeated motion of squeezing and stroking will help in increasing the penis size.

  • Penis Pumps

The pump or a vacuum can be used to increase the size otherwise avail for the best penis enlargement treatment in India.

  • Quit Smoking

The very minute particles that are released from the cigarette can cause blockage in the arteries. The poor supply of the blood circulation will reflect the poor functioning of penis.

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