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IVF treatment is the best technique for those couples who are unable to have their baby and women can’t carry their pregnancy. We are available to solve all the problems of couples related to this by using our latest and best technique IVF . It is also called Test Tube baby . It is a very effective process. In this process, the eggs is taken from the woman uterus with the sperm of man then for fertilizing the egg , transplanted into the Test Tube. This process is best for those women who can’t conceive due to any internal health issues or due to their husband infected sperm. But now they don’t have any need to feel sad . We are providing this treatment with our well qualified and best team in a very cost- effective price.

Ivf Treatment

We are providing latest fertility and IVF treatments to the infertile couples who are disappointed due to their unable to have their child. But now they have no need to be disappointed We are always here for you to provide you all the possible best treatment. Our center is one of the finest and prominent fertility center in India. Our success rate of IVF treatment is very good. This treatment has various results all depends on the age of yours. We have a good staff and provide the best facilities to our patients.

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Dr. Neelu Test Tube Baby Center

Dr Neelu Thapar
10 Years Experience
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Gomti Prashad Thapar Hospital, G.T. Road, Opp. New Dana Mandi, Moga, Punjab. 142001, Moga, Punjab,
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Ivf Treatment

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