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If you desire to look good or transform your appearance, the head deserves an immediate evaluation. With that, you won’t scrutinize the appearance and size of your eyebrows, nose and so on, and ignore the hair density, volume, and texture.

Hair is an actual source of pride in females and males, but due to various conditions like illness, medications, thyroid disease, genes (male pattern baldness), stress, and an improper lifestyle, 80% of males are left bald and 40% of women with significant hair thinning.

The procedure to combat noticeable hair loss currently remains to be hair transplant with a remarkable ability to boost one’s confidence and restore aesthetic looks if excellently conducted.

Meticulously Conducted Hair Transplant Procedures

Hair transplant is a surgical approach to hair restoration that involves extracting healthy hair follicles from the donor region (area of abundance) to the bald region. Hair transplant protocols remain dissimilar around the globe, but the surgeon’s expertize is fundamental to attaining natural hair transplant results.

Techniques of Hair transplantation

Hair transplant procedures at Satyam Hair Transplant Centre are basically conducted with;

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

This advanced hair transplant approach is indeed ideal for both males and females because of its superior results. With this approach, the surgeon will clean and trim the donor region of the scalp and then remove individual hair follicles using a micropunch. This all happens under anaesthesia. Having extracted the grafts, they are treated in the laboratory and then stored in a saline solution until tiny incisions are made in the recipient region. The grafts will then be implanted aesthetically, following a proper direction and depth to achieve a proper density and natural results.

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

Also termed as the strip method, this approach was first conducted in the 1950s, but has undergone major advancements to the extent of being one of the main approaches to restoring hair. The procedure basically requires a surgeon to remove a strip of hair from the back side of the scalp, which is later dissected to attain follicular units of 1 to 4 hairs. The naturally-occurring units are then implanted in a way that they appear identical to the surrounding hair follicles.

One’s level of baldness largely influences the size of strip cut from the side or back of the head.

Minimizing Hair Transplant Scars at Satyam

The odds of attaining natural and aesthetic results are largely based on the extent of scarring. Much as each hair transplant technique is associated with scarring, Dr. K. K. Arora at Satyam Hair Transplant Centre is enormously experienced to reduce the extent of scarring. Your scalp is initially evaluated to ascertain its healing capacity and speed. Also, the strip depth is minimized and the wound meticulously stitched.

Hair Transplant Cost At Satyam Hair Transplant Centre

Factors like one’s extent of hair loss, the selected technique, the number of sitting, and additional treatments (PRP, or Minoxidil) usually influence one’s hair transplant cost. However, hair transplant surgeries at Satyam are entirely affordable and cost-effective.

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