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Hair Transplant

We at Reviva hair centre provides all types of hair restoration techniques. Primarily we provide hair transplant techniques, which are widely known as FUT and FUE. Both these techniques are able to treat the baldness patterns in males and females. Hair transplant for men is recommended for all grades hair loss from level 2 to level 6.

Hair Loss Treatment

hair transplant is one of the best method if you want to get rid from the baldness. If you select rite centre for your treatment than you will get one of the best results.

Platelet rich plasma

Low Light Laser Therapy

FUE Follicular Unit Extraction

At revive, we make customized treatment plan by analyzing a patient’s scalp and examining the number of hair lost and also verifying the details of desired donor area density. This technique is chosen by the patients who want scar-less and invasive free treatment and people in large masses in age group 19-60. This is very famous technique and leads to guaranteed results at our centre. Sometimes to bring full growth we provide two sessions so that satisfied results are presented to patient.

FUT Follicular Unit Transplant

BHT Body Hair Transplant

This type of hair transplant technique is preferred by us when there is no suffice donor area available on the scalp. Hairs from all area of the body are taken for hair transplant on scalp. These areas include hair on chest, hair on beard, hair on arms and legs. The extraction technique of donor area resembles FUE method of hair extraction.

Artificial Hair Implant

We provide one of the best methods that is a preferred by many patients instead of hair transplant and other prevalent methods. The artificial hairs are made up of nylon. This solution is temporary and will last for up to a year only.

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